Centre d’aide aux Personnes (CPA/4604)

Ensemble, pas à pas!

Getting involved

The commitment taken to get involved in Les Amis d’Accompagner means following the spirit of the Organisation described in the Charter that you can read


There are a number of ways to participate in the activities of Les Amis d’Accompagner:

1° The welcoming volunteers

They are in charge of welcoming visitors who arrive at our offices. They facilitate future contacts with the social worker by ensuring that the person feels comfortable in the premises (e.g. by offering them a snack and a drink). They listen to the visitor and participate in the initial information gathering to collect general information from them.

2° The social worker volunteers

They are either social workers or experienced volunteers who welcome the beneficiaries for an interview.  They have received a training by our socio-legal welcoming team. They are supported and supervised by a professional, the Operational Officer. They analyse the situation with the applicant, prepare a plan of steps to follow, and ensure the follow-up of the necessary actions.

3° The accompanying volunteers

They accompany and support the applicants in carrying out the necessary steps they need to undertake. They provide moral support, facilitate the communication between the stakeholders, and help understand and collect useful information for the follow-up of the necessary actions.

4° The volunteers of the technical team

They take care of the day-to-day tasks allowing the NGOs to function, such as data entry, posting mail, cleaning the offices…

5° The praying volunteers

They support the beneficiaries and the accompanying volunteers in their process by offering them a moment of prayer and spiritual union during the support activities.

6° The volunteers of the government bodies

They are in charge of the management of the NGO and sit on the Steering Committee, the General Assembly or the Board of Directors.

Here are a few videos illustrating the field support carried out by volunteers. Watch the videos


The NGO pledges to:

  • Provide volunteers with information, training and help to ensure their contribution is a positive one:
    Support the volunteer (e.g. listening and debriefing sessions) ;
  • Support the volunteer (e.g. listening and debriefing sessions) ;
  • Insure the volunteer to cover risks linked to the missions
    he or she will be requested to carry out;
  • Reimburse the volunteer travel and other expenses related
    to carrying out the missions they have been given.


Volunteers commit themselves to accomplish the missions they are entrusted with.

They pledge also to :

  • Sign acceptance of the Charter’s objectives and philosophy;
  • Take part in the training courses organised by the NGO;
  • Help for free;
  • Make sure to be available and punctual according to the commitment made, and duly inform in case he or she is unable to accomplish the mission given to them;
  • Respect the confidential nature of the information gathered.


To help and support the volunteers in carrying out their tasks
in-house trainings are organised.

  • Before their first mission the accompanying volunteer receives a basic preparatory training of half a day
    This allows them to be better prepared for their first accompanying mission
  • Subsequently, three training courses a year are organised for all volunteers.
    The training courses are provided by professionals.
    Their aim  is to develop competences in how to relate to others
    as well as providing knowledge about the social background and life experiences of beneficiaries
    In addition, the courses allow volunteers to exchange different points of view.
    The subject matter of the training courses are chosen also on the basis of needs expressed by volunteers.
    Past courses have covered listening, foreigners’ rights, the functioning of a CPAS (Public Centre for Social Action)
    housing problems, role playing accompanying beneficiaries,
    the fundamental attitudes in respectful relationships,  how to deal with a critical situation,
    and the pathway of a migrant…

Yvonne, always pleasant, sees to it that everyone feels welcomed. She is a welcoming volunteer.

Kasia, a social assistant volunteer, is working on the follow-up of a file with Arnaud, the operational manager.

Jean-Pierre, a social support volunteer, helps a beneficiary to understand her documents

Gérard, an accompanying volunteer, is leaving for a home for women with Mrs. X .

Francine, receives accompaniment requests from partner services.

Omar, an accompanying volunteer, helps Mr. Y. in his search for accommodation.

Jean-Marie, an accompanying volunteer, is going to the Petit-Château to meet Mr. Z. in order to go then with him to an administrative service.

Volunteers of all types are engaged on certain occasions, as here, for preparing the sending of our Newsletter